390JAC-150 [Mosaic Destruction Version] [Erotic Lips] [Full Sexual Desire] A young girl who breaks up with her boyfriend and misses her human skin appears! Although she is originally lewd, her sexual desire that has been condensed for almost is truly a monster! She’s a monster who keeps asking for sex from beginning to end, and even tries to connect personally with the man she’s prepared for! Since she’s so erotic and cute, there are probably many men out there, but there aren’t many men who earn 20 million yen and can have sex every day! Good luck in your quest for marriage in the future♪ [Arasa-chan. 14th person Wakana]

390JAC-150 【モザイク破壊版】 【どエロ唇】 【性欲全開】彼氏と別れて人肌恋しいアラサーちゃんが現れた!元来のスケベでありながらほぼ一年間凝縮され続けた性欲はまさに化け物クラス!最初っから最後までSEXを求め続けるし、用意した男と個人的にも繋がろうとするモンスターだ!こんだけエロくて可愛いんだから男も引くて数多だろうけど年収2000万で毎日SEXできる男なんてなかなかいないよ!今後も結婚目指して頑張ってね♪ 【アラサーちゃん。14人目 わかなさん】

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DVD-Code: 390JAC-150


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