300MIUM-384 The legend of Shibuya! ! ! The devil’s と り easy bitch 〟that devours the club! ! ! The previously introduced “Paripi Goods Developer (also known as Gal-Den)” also has such a rough play that you can wind up your tongue! ! ! Up to now, the number of ji ● ports that have been eaten is over 1500 and the number of series (industry?) Is the largest and is still being steadily updated! ! ! Premature ejaculation sensitive faucet spouting a large amount of tide every time you piston during sex ● Ko is really a must-see! ! ! : Wandering around the streets at night 〝A very rare amateur〟! ! 14 Natsuki 22 years old (real name not disclosed / occupation unknown)

300MIUM-384 渋谷の伝説!!!クラブを荒らしまくる悪魔の〝ゆとりビッチ〟!!!以前紹介した『パリピグッズ開発者(通称:ギャル電)』も舌を巻く程の破天荒な遊びっぷりは正に〝激レア〟!!!今まで喰いに喰ったチ●ポの数はなんと1500本超えとシリーズ(業界?)最多で現在も着々と更新中!!!セックスの際ピストンする度大量の潮を噴きまくる早漏敏感蛇口マ●コはホントにホントに必見です!!!:夜の巷を徘徊する〝激レア素人〟!! 14 ナツキ 22歳(本名非公開/職業不明)

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