200GANA-2905 Seriously flexible, first shot. 1954 I made a mistake at my part-time job and found a cutie drinking alcohol! “Shall I ask you what’s going on?” He takes her to the hotel! She seems to be very interested in sex, so she reaches for her breasts…! Plump and fair and comfortable to hold! Climax with a piston in the vagina while in a cute voice! (Sakura Saki)

200GANA-2905 マジ軟派、初撮。 1954 バイトでミスってヤケ酒してるかわいこちゃん発見! 「どしたん話聞こうか?」とホテルに連れ込む!Hなことに興味津々のようなのでおっぱいに手を伸ばす.!ムチッと色白で抱き心地良し!可愛い声で鳴きながら膣奥ピストンで絶頂! (佐久良咲希)

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