498DDH-202 [Actually, she’s a beautiful practitioner who likes erotic things] She has a serious aura, but when the treatment begins, she turns into a slutty erotic practitioner who loves erotic things. I torture the erect penis with hand jobs and blow jobs, and I won’t let you go home until the customer ejaculates! In the end, he guides her into her pussy and has creampie sex. (Yuki Nono)

498DDH-202 【実はエロい事が好きな美人施術師のの】真面目そうなオーラが出ているのに施術が始まると一転、実はエロイことが大好きなムッツリスケベなエロ施術師に早変わり。手コキやフェラで勃起チ●コを責め立て、お客様が射精するまで帰らせないっ!最後は自らマ●コへと誘導して中出しSEXしてしまう。 (結城のの)

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