348NTR-059 <”Absolutely not!” → “Better than him♪”>The girlfriend who is completely in love with him is completely in love with him! NTR! ! Found a modern couple in Shibuya! ! If you listen to her story, he seems to be always looking for material for funny videos that are typical of a Y●uT●ber who can’t sell, and when he invites her to appear in an AV, he is overjoyed and says, “It’s going to go viral!” In the end, she decides to appear on the show thinking about him… In front of the actor, she refuses, saying “I’m scared” and “I don’t like it,” but a huge dick she’s never seen before makes her so deep that she cries… Her pussy floods. She felt another person’s dick being inserted right in front of him, and she started jumping up and down! Finally, I completely fell in love with him and creampied him in a place where he couldn’t see me… without permission (Momo Honda)

348NTR-059 < 「絶対イヤ!」→ 「彼より良い♪」>彼にゾッコンの彼女が完堕ちNTR!!渋谷でイマドキカップルを発見!!話を聞けば彼は売れないY●uT●berらしい笑 動画のネタを常に探している様で彼女をAV出演に誘うと 「バズる!」と大歓喜!最終的に彼の事を想って出演する事に.。男優を目の前にして 「怖い」 「嫌」と拒否るが見た事も無いデカチンに泣く程イラマをされ.おま●こは大洪水。彼の目の前でスルっと挿入される他人棒に感じ、ビクビクと跳ねまくり!遂には完堕ちして彼に見えない所で.盛り上がった所で無断中出しw (本田もも)

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