200GANA-2910 Seriously soft, first shot. 1957 Picking up a beautiful woman on her way home from a wedding! I don’t have a boyfriend and my friends seem happy… I’m trying to take advantage of that loneliness by negotiating for sex! Even a tall, slender and beautiful older sister quickly turns into a mere woman who moans and moans in front of dick! (Yuma Sano)

200GANA-2910 マジ軟派、初撮。 1957 結婚式帰りの美女をナンパ!彼氏いないし友達は幸せそうだし.そんな寂しさに付け込むかのようにSEX交渉!長身でスレンダーなキレイ系お姉さんもチ●ポの前ではキャンキャン喘ぐただの女に早変わり! (佐野ゆま)

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DVD-Code: 200GANA-2910


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